Thursday, August 21, 2014

Sparkly Nails

How I miss my life without a TV!! Quiet, you get more done (because there isn't 117 shows you wanna watch) 2,5 years without TV. Ohhhh I miss it! Seriously I don't understand how people get anything done when there is a TV in the house, all the things I didn't know I was missing before I'm addicted to now, it's horrible.

Anyway, I had a rare day off yesterday and I spend 40% of my time in front of the TV (as you could probably all guess), instead of cleaning, doing laundry and all that fun stuff! 59% was spend in Germany with my family, walking around and shopping.

In between watching TV and going to Germany I put some time in to doing my nails.
I am really loving my OPI nail polishes lately, I completely forgot what it means to use a high end nail polish, it dries so much faster and you don't end up with ruined nails, but they are perfectly manicured and ready to go with a bottom coat, 2 layers of color and a top coat in 30 mins. I not good with waiting and sitting still at the same time, besides who's got the time to wait for nail polish to dry?

I used 2 different colors from OPI to do my nails, first I use OPI's nail envy as a bottom coat to keep my nails nice and strong (I did a review of it here), then I put two coats of OPI's Dating Royal and then Ciaté's Speed Coat since I was thinking to leave my nails with the plain blue color. But after a couple of hours I felt like something was missing so I added OPI's Kiss Me At Midnight (It's one of the liquid sand ones) on my pinkie and  forefinger for some sparkle and fun, and I know it says not to put top coat on liquid sand polishes but i did anyway because it makes them last so much longer. And it looks just as good, if not better ;)

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