Friday, January 24, 2014

Outfit | School Escape

Last day at school! My energy levels have not been this low, ever. I feel like someone sucked all the energy out of me and I'm a 100% sure that the weekend is gonna be a wonderful cure for that!
Until we reach 14.00, I wanna dream myself back to Tuesdays dinner night earlier this week with the girls.
It's funny because i choose the same sandwich every time we're here :)

What I'm Wearing:
H&M Skirt
Vero Moda Blouse
H&M Blazer
Graceland Pumps
Dansk Smykkekunst Necklace

The blouse and the skirt is new, the classical shape really draws me and I love the simplicity of this look. 
I feel like this outfit is very versatile. 

It was freezing outside, and there was actually still laying snow a couple of places so 
I was really happy to have my jacket back on! :)

Thursday, January 23, 2014


There is no doubt that I am a food person, if you ever looked at my Instagram then you know that I have more food posts there than anything else! I love food, in any form, shape, color, taste and any way cooked (sure there is things I don't like, but I always make sure to try them again), I'm always open to try something new. My health is crucial for me, I really try to do everything to keep myself healthy. Healthy food is definitely part of my diet, salads, smoothies and juices I eat/drink everyday.

But what is healthy food really?
The thing is we are so different and we all have individual needs.
But there is some general rules we all should follow, to get the nutrition we need. To prevent a very long list of diseases, because our diet has probably the biggest effect on us. And it makes sense, since food is one of the few things we put inside our body, it's the building blocks that helps renew cells. So if you don't put the right things in your body, you end up not having the right/enough building blocks for your cells.

For any person, the diet needs to contain of carbohydrates, proteins, fibers, vitamins, minerals, fats,water for normal function. But seriously who can monitor everything they put in their mouth? And who want's to spend lots of time looking at the ingredient lists on products in the supermarkets?
I for sure don't! My basic rule is go after everything that is Green and Clean! For me that means, trying to buy products that is the least processed, everything in the fruits & greens aisle and at the butchers.  
As long as you have that, and basic ingredients as flour, butter, milk, oil, salt, pepper, spices, sugar etc.
If you have those, you have all the opportunities to make anything, tasty and delicious :)
For instance, instead of buying your tomato souse try making it yourself, then you can add flavors and make it exactly how you like it and you will have no doubt about what's in it.

Form my Instagram -How it could look minus the chicken :)

The days I'm home and I have the time, pampering myself with good healthy food is one of the best things. I'll make myself a lovely rice dish, with carrots and onion, roast some lovely chicken breast and a good healthy salad, with lettuce, cherry tomatoes, parsley, cilantro, a little bit of olive oil. 

I really do try to eat a healthy diet, but since I'm on a mission to gain a couple of KGs I rarely say no to a piece of cake, chocolate or candy :)

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Current Picks | bareMinerals

Yay! Yesterday I received the things I ordered from BeautyBay, the bareMinerals Start Kit in Light + the Exfoliating Treatment Cleanser.

The packaging is really nice and it feels like a little present.
I ordered it wrapped as a gift and it's definitely recommendable, if you need to send someone a present!

The start kit contains...
2 samples of bareMinerals Original Foundation in Light and Fairly Light 
Prime Time Foundation Primer 
All Over Face Colour in Warmth - to give color back to the face 
Mineral Veil - to finish of your make-up like a setting powder.

+ 3 brushes...
 Full Flawless Face Brush
Flawless Application Face Brush
Maximum Coverage Concealer Brush 
...and to make sure you use the products to the max there is a DVD to guide you.

I can't believe how much cheaper the products are online compared to in the stores. The Start Kit is around 1000 DKK in stores and only 370 DKK online and that's a significant difference when you are a student! It is much cheaper than if you buy the products by them selves. Just the brushes cost around a 1000 DKK if you buy them separately.
 Can't wait to start using the products and see how it works for me, and my skin. I still have some products that I didn't use up yet, so patience is needed.
I hope to do a review on the products so you guys can get something out of it too!

Happy Wednesday :)

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Obsession | Pai Skincare

Right now I'm dreaming myself away to a time, where i have the money, the luxury to be able to buy the products from the Pai skincare line.
I have for a long time been looking for skincare products that are completely clean, made out of only natural ingredients. Not because I necessarily have sensitive skin but because I really think and care about what I put on my skin, and in general what my skin and body is exposed to.
Pai is an organic(Certified Organic), all natural, alcohol, paraben and fragrance (+more) free company. They strive to be fit for basically all skin-types and especially sensitive and hyper-sensitive skin.
So for me this is the perfect kind of skincare, natural and truly good for your skin.
I sure am gonna wish for some of these products for my birthday! - But for now I have to live with only the Pai Muslin Face Cloth...
So if anyone wanna buy me presents then my wishlist is what is here ;)

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Missing last Sunday

I really miss the Sunday I spend with my Fiancé last week. We ate lunch together and had coffee at a nice café - Espresso House, shopping, and just had a day to ourselves, we don't have so much time for that normally, so it was really nice. That really contrast to the lack of sleep and heaps of assignments this week, but hey that's how it is to be studying ;)
Picture with the parka on, and the new bag that i use a lot!
Close Up with BareMinerals on 
I went to Åhlens before lunch and asked them to try the BareMinerals Foundation on me, since my skin has been acting a little up and I need some coverage for the engagement party. What do you guys think?
I personally love the result, it matches my skin-color as much as possible and covers pimples and blemishes nicely with a minimum of ingredients, the fact that it's natural and doesn't contain any oils is perfect for oily acne-prone and sensitiv skin. 

Beautiful view on our way home!
Well i better get back to class :)
Enjoy your Wednesday

Monday, January 13, 2014

Moisturize, Moisturize!

I think we can all relate to dry skin in the cold winter months, I surely can't moisturize enough. The dry winter air just sucks out all the moisture in my skin, and unfortunately that triggers my eczema.
Working at a Pharmacy I know that there is a ton of products out there to nourish and care for your skin.
That's why I chose out these 3 creams that moisturize really well, with and without fragrance, 

Kimovi Creme
This cream  doesn't necessarily smell bad, but since there isn't any added fragrance you can smell the ingredients. But it has an amazing ingredient that is the extract of the Kigelia Africana, this extract is anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory, plus it helps skin heal faster. It moisturizes really well and is super good for dry flaky skin.
This is one of my favorite creams because it really clams and moisturizes my skin well - Perfect! And it's free of, fragrance, parabens and colorants.
La Roche-Posay Lipikar Balm AP
Another really good cream that is super good for especially itchy and irritated skin, and eczema.
It breaks the bad cycle of scratching and breaking the skin, works by calming and soothing and helps the skin heal while moisturizing and nourishing. It's fragrance and paraben free which is a plus when you have irritated skin.

Eucerin AQUAporin Active Rich
AQUAporin Rich has a light fragrance, which is hyper-allergenic. That means that the part of the fragrance that could cause allergies has been "cut off", so its unlikely to cause allergies.
Even tho this is the "rich" formula the skin absorbs it very fast and the consistency is light and creamy. I love that you can just put on your clothes after putting it on without feeling greasy.

Beautiful Morning

It's Monday, it's one of those days where I don't wanna get out of my bed. So I haven't been super excited about today. But then on my way to class I looked outside and saw this beautiful sight.

It totally changed my attitude towards today, much more positive now!
Have a Beautiful day 

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Smile :)

Sometimes when you are down you need the world to remind you to smile, a smile is contagious and often we forget to smile to the world around us... Most of the time we walk around without realizing what we express and we don't think about how that effects our surrounding and ourselves. Smiling is free and even if you are in a bad mood or feel down smiling will make you feel better, it releases endorphin's. And we love endorphin's since they make us feel happy and content. 

Today's becoming one of those gloomy Scandinavian days and I think a lot of people will agree that they wouldn't mind a smile. I'm definitely one of them!
Smile to the world :)

Tuesday, January 7, 2014


What I'm Wearing:
H&M Blazer
H&M Basic Jeans
Pieces Boots
H&M Key Necklace
Heart Neclace - Was a gift from my Fiance
Pilgrim Earrings

Finally I'm back with the girls! It's been an amazing couple of days, even tho we've been really busy with schoolwork. But it's dangerous to go out shopping, especially in January with all the sales! I ended up spending more money then I realized, but I'm super happy with the deals.
Todays outfit was casual but still put together. Love being able to wear my own clothes!


Me in real life hahahahah....!

Saturday, January 4, 2014

What's happening in the Future...

Since Mado surprised me with the ring, there has been a lot of planning to be done. Which is one of the reasons that I have been so busy. We are planning our engagement party February 8 and there are so many things to consider and everything is almost done.
My mom and I decided to make the invitation cards ourselves (that's how it is in a creative family i guess), our inspirations was our trip to Lisbon, the "theme" of the party and my dress. There is a little surprise in every one of them. I'm so happy with the result!

 It took ages to find a dress (pictures on the dress after the party) for me and now I need shoes, why are silver heels so hard to come by in Denmark/Sweden?? I really do hope that my girlfriends can help me with that issue when I go back to school Monday, then we have 3 weeks time to find the right ones. And hopefully there will come some more outfit posts with fresh pictures! 
After I'm done in June I'm gonna work for 3 months at the Pharmacy I'm at now just to save up some money and then moving to Sweden with my other half <3  It's a lot of work moving to another country, new social security number, bank, insurances, doctor, cell phone carrier and the list goes on, it almost makes me nervous but i really look forward to that new chapter in my life.

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