Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Obsession | Pai Skincare

Right now I'm dreaming myself away to a time, where i have the money, the luxury to be able to buy the products from the Pai skincare line.
I have for a long time been looking for skincare products that are completely clean, made out of only natural ingredients. Not because I necessarily have sensitive skin but because I really think and care about what I put on my skin, and in general what my skin and body is exposed to.
Pai is an organic(Certified Organic), all natural, alcohol, paraben and fragrance (+more) free company. They strive to be fit for basically all skin-types and especially sensitive and hyper-sensitive skin.
So for me this is the perfect kind of skincare, natural and truly good for your skin.
I sure am gonna wish for some of these products for my birthday! - But for now I have to live with only the Pai Muslin Face Cloth...
So if anyone wanna buy me presents then my wishlist is what is here ;)

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