Friday, January 24, 2014

Outfit | School Escape

Last day at school! My energy levels have not been this low, ever. I feel like someone sucked all the energy out of me and I'm a 100% sure that the weekend is gonna be a wonderful cure for that!
Until we reach 14.00, I wanna dream myself back to Tuesdays dinner night earlier this week with the girls.
It's funny because i choose the same sandwich every time we're here :)

What I'm Wearing:
H&M Skirt
Vero Moda Blouse
H&M Blazer
Graceland Pumps
Dansk Smykkekunst Necklace

The blouse and the skirt is new, the classical shape really draws me and I love the simplicity of this look. 
I feel like this outfit is very versatile. 

It was freezing outside, and there was actually still laying snow a couple of places so 
I was really happy to have my jacket back on! :)

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