Sunday, March 23, 2014

bareMinerals Original Mineral Foundation | Review

Hi readers! :)
I've have finally come around to testing the bareMinerals Foundation i bought a while back.
I put it on in the morning before going to school, and I've had it on all day and also during a party we had at school.

Coverage Blemishes/pimples/hyperpigmentation
It covers decently, but you can still see some of the blemishes and hyperpigmentation I have. But overall it evens out my skintone well.
Here's a shot of my face, half with bareMinerals on and half without, there's a significant difference.

Half and half
Full face of make-up

After 3 hours the foundation has set and it looks natural and smooth.

3 hours
After 8 hours of wear the foundation around my nose was pretty much melting off, since I have a very oily T-zone I've always had a problem with that area, so it doesn't supprise me, I fixed it with a little mineral veil and it was good to go.

8 hours
After 14 hours total (totally beat, went straight to bed after removing this!) the foundation held up pretty well, considering I danced a couple of hours too, in a very hot room!

14 hours
Of course my blemishes were more visible after a full day, but to me that's a natural thing after that many hours.

So all in all I recommend bareMinerals to everyone who wants a natural product with medium coverage that melts into the skin and looks like your own! I love the product and it's gonna be a staple in my make-up bag!

I hope this was useful to you guys!
What is your experience with mineral foundation?


  1. Such a great review! I love Bare Minerals foundation as it looks so natural and feels like I have nothing on
    You look gorgeous :)


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