Friday, March 21, 2014

Sushi In The Sky

I just want to share some pictures from the amazing time I had with the girls last wednesday evening Since it's the last time we're gonna be at school (EVER! :D) we had planned for at long time to go and eat at a nice restaurant in Copenhagen.
It was a long day of waiting, first lectures until 4 pm and then we had to wait even more because they didn't have a table sooner than 8.45 pm when we booked (obviosly a busy place!)
So when the waiting game was over (we tried to kill time at department stores and cafés), we were all excited to get the "party" started!
And where do girls start? In the bathroom taking pictures LOL!
We had virgin cocktails, yummy!

We orderd all kinds of things, Spicy Edamame Beans, Ebi Bites, Spicy Mayo, Crayfish In Ricepaper, Yummi Rolls, Ebi Panka Rolls & Chickens In Line

4 mini sampels of different desserts, let me just say you need to try the Matcha Icecream, it's a little piece of heaven.

Jasmine Silver Pearls tea - All you tea lovers out there should try this! It's amazing!

Amazing view from the balcony, with the warmer weather coming it would be great to sit out here!

Sticks|N| Sushi is definitly a recomendable place, high service, amazing location, cozy atmosphere and super sweet waiters.

P.S. when I paid the bill, I almost fainted - We definitly didnt hold back, not to say that the place it super expensive, you definitly get what you pay for.

Can you guys recommend any good restaurants? :)


  1. Who is the hottie in blue blazer? ;)

  2. Ej hvor ser det bare lækkert ud :) Især de desserter der!


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