Monday, December 30, 2013


Just a quick hello from me! Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and wish you all an amazing New Year! Looking forward to more blogging in 2014, let's make it great!
Right now I'm buried in family gatherings, engagement party planning and studies. 
Relaxing holiday time eh? ;)

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Busiest Time Of My Life

I know that December is always a busy month for basically everybody, but I really feel like December this year is totally crazy, even though I've finished shopping for Christmas presents and my exam is over, I still have a ton of stuff I need to finish before 2014 begins. And that's why my kitchen table looks like this at the moment....

So this is 1 final project in the making + 4 assignments that are due in February + some other small assignments you know kinda thrown in there......, but since I'm occupied until then with, Christmas, New year, School, being seconded to another pharmacy for a week, family and a fiancé in another country. 
I kinda have to finish it all now. 
That's why you guys have to excuse me if I'm really lousy on the posting in here, until I get my business straight the next 3 weeks! 
Wish you all a less chaotic evening than mine :)

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Online Window Shopping

I'm home with a stomachache, so I'm sitting here with my hot water bottle and doing some online window shopping! It's all from H&M and because this is the month of no money I found these pieces in the sales section. Both affordable and of course they would fit right into my closet ;) But the actual shopping have to wait until after new-year.


Winter Jacket

I totally forgot to show my new winter jacket!
It's a Pajar Cougar down parka, with fur trim and lining on the hood. I got it as a birthday gift from my parents and I LOVE IT. It's super nice and warm, I'm always one of those girls that are cold, but with this on I'm never cold. It's also water and wind proof so it will keep me warm and dry all winter long.
Pictures with it on coming some time later :)

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Christmas Shopping?

Hi guys! I have been so busy the last two weeks. I had an exam that is finally over! I'm not gonna know the result until mid March tho, so that's a bummer! But anyways... The last couple of days I was supposed to be Christmas shopping and of course i found a gift or two, but it can't come as a surprise that I bought something for myself, even tho I told myself NO shopping until AFTER December. Apparently I'm not so well disciplined huh?
I found a nice black bag from H&M, this is gonna get me through the winter months and a Pieces clutch too, but I only bought that one because it was on sale and I don't have one in that color. I found a belt in Pieces too and thought and it was perfect for the holidays with all the sparkle going on, but that was not enough sparkle because to top it off I bought Ciatés Antique Brooch. I'm really loving this nail polish right now, it's perfect for any occasion giving life to your nails, without being too much.

So now I'm done with my Christmas shopping and I have managed to empty my bank account, December is just lovely. Oh that reminds me, I love the way our town is all covered in tiny lights and Christmas decorations, makes it much nicer even tho it's dark outside. Gets you right in the Christmas spirit :)

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Trip to Lisbon

So here is the post I thought i had posted but actually I had only saved!

I promised to tell you guys about my trip to Lisbon, the gift that my BF, Mado gave to me on my 23rd birthday. After celebrating my birthday the day before, we got up early and went to Kastrup, Copenhagen Airport and we were on our way to Lisbon.

After a small amount of sleep, one overlay, overexcitment and a 5 something hour flight, we were both ready to go relax at our hotel when we landed. But as unlucky as I am, my suitcase hadn't arrived, it was stuck i Munich, with all my clothes and eveything else i had packed for the trip. So there was nothing to do but go to the hotel without it. When we arrived i was amazed! There, in the centre of Lisbon was a castle ruin, and part of that ruin is rebuild as a hotel, this is where Mado had made our reservation. Imagine staying in the ruins of an old european castle. It was a beautiful place and very unique.
Lisbon is a beautiful old city going all the way to the water, with small cozy cafes and restaurant. There is lots to see and you get a good work out too with walking up and down some of the steep streets.
We weren't out much the first day, exhausted as we were.

The next morning we got woken up by approximatly 10 peacocks having a blast in the hotel garden, right outside our blacony, peacocks are really beautiful birds, but they don't sound as the look, they make an awful lot of noise! We ate breakfast in the garden, surounded by theese beautiful, majestic birds it was an experience I will never forget. We walked around Lisbon and decided to visit the ruins of the castle. There was a beautiful view from the castle walls showing almost the entire city of  Lisbon, we decided to take a picture there. Mado set up the camera and when he came closer to me he said he had one more gift for me.
It was a pair of binoculars, he told me to try them out, so i looked out at the city. And that's when he put a ring right in my line of vision.

So suddenly i was engaged, it was crazy, telling my parents, telling my friends and family (Half of them thought it was a joke?!) It was the most amazing day in my life and i know i have yet many more to come, with this amazing man, that is now my fiancé! 
The rest of our days in Lisbon was a blur, we went all kinds of different places, saw a lot of things, ate A LOT of delicious food and generally spend a lot of time in 7th heaven.... Sometimes when i think back, i still can't believe that he actually proposed.

I love you, you are my everything <3


Okay okay, how did I react???
Well, first i didn't believe it and my first words was no no no...(I'm really embarrassing to have around you know?) Because I was really not getting it, oblivious as I am! Then came all the hugs and kisses as it dawned on me what was happening, but he actually had to ask me: "So what is the answer?" and of course it was YES! A million times YES! Forever...

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