Thursday, December 19, 2013

Busiest Time Of My Life

I know that December is always a busy month for basically everybody, but I really feel like December this year is totally crazy, even though I've finished shopping for Christmas presents and my exam is over, I still have a ton of stuff I need to finish before 2014 begins. And that's why my kitchen table looks like this at the moment....

So this is 1 final project in the making + 4 assignments that are due in February + some other small assignments you know kinda thrown in there......, but since I'm occupied until then with, Christmas, New year, School, being seconded to another pharmacy for a week, family and a fiancĂ© in another country. 
I kinda have to finish it all now. 
That's why you guys have to excuse me if I'm really lousy on the posting in here, until I get my business straight the next 3 weeks! 
Wish you all a less chaotic evening than mine :)

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