Sunday, December 15, 2013

Christmas Shopping?

Hi guys! I have been so busy the last two weeks. I had an exam that is finally over! I'm not gonna know the result until mid March tho, so that's a bummer! But anyways... The last couple of days I was supposed to be Christmas shopping and of course i found a gift or two, but it can't come as a surprise that I bought something for myself, even tho I told myself NO shopping until AFTER December. Apparently I'm not so well disciplined huh?
I found a nice black bag from H&M, this is gonna get me through the winter months and a Pieces clutch too, but I only bought that one because it was on sale and I don't have one in that color. I found a belt in Pieces too and thought and it was perfect for the holidays with all the sparkle going on, but that was not enough sparkle because to top it off I bought Ciat├ęs Antique Brooch. I'm really loving this nail polish right now, it's perfect for any occasion giving life to your nails, without being too much.

So now I'm done with my Christmas shopping and I have managed to empty my bank account, December is just lovely. Oh that reminds me, I love the way our town is all covered in tiny lights and Christmas decorations, makes it much nicer even tho it's dark outside. Gets you right in the Christmas spirit :)

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