Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Everyday Jewelry

Jewlery is something most poeple wear, either just for the sake of fashion, because it's tied to a memory or for religious purposes. There can be many reason, but a lot of times the jewlery we wear often or only on speical occasions are the pieces we cherish the most and that mean something to us.
I wanted to share the pieces that mean something to me and that I wear everyday, or almost everyday.
There has been a few additions since I wrote this post, my wedding band and two gifts from family, but besides that it's all the same, these pieces all mean something special to me, including the new ones that are not in the pictures!

The cross is from my baptism, it means a lot to me because it is a symbol of my tie to God and the promise I made to myself when I got baptised and later the promise I made to my husband when we god married (of course my wedding band is part of that promise).

My engagement rings I guess don't really need explanation, they are the promise of love, joy, happiness, unity, family and much much more from my now husband when we got engaged, they are truely some of the most cherished pieces I have.

Then comes the dainty earings that is a gift from my grandmother (from my mothers side), I got them when I was quite young, 10 if i remember correctly, as a gift when she came to visit from Armenia.

The Jade bangle is something I bought for myself when I went to China with my high school class. That bangle reminds me of all the places I've been in my life and all the new places I'm gonna go.

I hope you enjoyed getting to know me better through my jewelry I would to hear about the jewelry that you cherish the most :)

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