Sunday, March 29, 2015

Accutane treatment.. DONE!

A couple of days ago I took my very last accutane capsule, and I'm so freaking happy about it! Even though making a living for me depends on selling drugs, I despise taking them myself. Any kind of medicine/supplement that is not natural. I definitely have that  from my parents, they alway taught me to let nature take care of things itself. And I totally live by that, but when you come to a point where you feel like you have done everything you could going natures way. That's when you are willing to try anything.

But guys it's so relieving  to know that there is no accutane capsules waiting for me! Now the last thing in this whole process is my final blood work and checkup at the dermatologist and I'm done!
Hopefully the results will last, but not quite to this extent, i would like a little less dry skin. In the meantime I will continue to live by gels, creams and balms.

To celebrate the end of my treatment I decided to have a lovely cup of yogitea, this one is the womens balance with raspberry leaves, lemon verbena and lavendar.
Love me some tea with lavendar mmmh, hope You are all enjoying your Sunday!

Monday, March 9, 2015

Enjoying the Sun

Hi guys! How was your weekend? It has been the most amazing weather in Malmö and I have been taking full advantage, going on walks with Mr. M and enjoying the sun, meeting up with friends, eating good food and just having fun.

Hope you had the oppertunity to enjoy the sun whereever you are...
Wish you all a lovely week <3

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Accutane Part 2

Hi guys! I promised you an update on how its going with Accutane, you can see the post about me starting on Accutane here. And it's going surprisingly well.

Make-up free (and a little dry) face :)

Results & experienced side effects
After 3 months I can really see results in my skin, it's smooth, I haven't had a pimple in 8 weeks now and basically the only thing that indicates that I had acne is a little scarring. I actually had problems with acne on my scalp and on my earlobes and those are totally gone too. But, now I can officially say that I'm experiencing side effects, dry eyes, dry nose, dry skin, dry lips and  muscle pain which started 2 weeks ago. But still to be honest It's not that bad, I don't really notice the dryness in my eyes besides when I wake up, I have to blink a couple of times to see clearly and the dryness in my nose has only been a problem when I'm sick which I've been a lot because of all mucous membranes gets dry and they are a big part of your immune system, especially in your nose and throat.

Severe dry skin!
Dry skin is kind of a problem because I'm having more eczema breakouts than I've ever had, especially on my face and hands. And it's hard to keep down even with hormone creams. I try to moisturize the worst places as many times a day as possible, and the rest of my body at least once a day. Which seems to work somewhat. My lips have also been a little hard to keep moisturized, and the weather is also working against me (but eos saves me again and again, read more about that here!) The last time I was at the dermatologist she said I could stop mid March, and I so look forward to that!
And I'm just hoping for lasting effects.

My next update will probably be after I have stopped the treatment, so you guys can see how my skin looks, and if the results last (cross your fingers guys).

Sunday, March 1, 2015

EOS lipbalm | Review

Hi guys, I'm sorry for the lack of posts in here, but the combination of wedding planning and a full time job + weekends saved for Mr. M and family and getting sick all the time! = Finding no time to blog, and it makes me sad :( But I'm trying to squeeze in time anytime possible!

My very used 2. eos lipbalm! :)
Did you guys notice how everybody loves the eos lip balms, they smell fantastic, they taste great, they are all natural...
Well I have actually never liked the eos lip balms, I never liked any of the scents or the fact that they taste sweet. Why do your lip balm need to taste like anything? You are not gonna eat it, are you? I don't eat my lip balms, want it to stay on my lips to moisturize.
But after starting my Accutane treatment (you can find the post here) and getting crazy dry lips (anyone who's been on Accutane knows what I'm talking about), I have gone through several different lip balms, different brands and different types. In my desperation to find something that could alleviate the dryness and help with healing all the cracks I did not think eos would be the one I would end up with relying on. Not one of the other lip balms I had tried had been as moisturizing, long lasting and generally good for my lips as the eos. It surprised me that the one lip balm I truly didn't like was the one that would save my lips! So now I'm on the eos lip balm craze too, carrying it around with me everywhere, even if I'm a little reluctant to be.

Not one single crack! :D
I have to recommend it to you guys since it has saved my lips, and it is truly a good moisturizing lip balm, it is 95% organic and 100% natural. Glides on so easily and the packaging makes it easy to handle (plus you don't have to stick your fingers in it!). What more can you ask for?
And if you are wondering which one I am using currently it is the light green one with Honeysuckle Honeydew.

By the way another good product for dry chapped lips is Lansinoh, which contains 100% pure lanolin, that is a natural wax that sheep and other wool-bearing animals. It's usually marketed as a product for breastfeeding mommies with cracked/sore nipples but it does wonders on dry lips, I always have one on hand in case I have a lip-mergency. And you can usually find this in your local drugstore ;)

Wish you all a lovely Sunday!

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