Sunday, March 29, 2015

Accutane treatment.. DONE!

A couple of days ago I took my very last accutane capsule, and I'm so freaking happy about it! Even though making a living for me depends on selling drugs, I despise taking them myself. Any kind of medicine/supplement that is not natural. I definitely have that  from my parents, they alway taught me to let nature take care of things itself. And I totally live by that, but when you come to a point where you feel like you have done everything you could going natures way. That's when you are willing to try anything.

But guys it's so relieving  to know that there is no accutane capsules waiting for me! Now the last thing in this whole process is my final blood work and checkup at the dermatologist and I'm done!
Hopefully the results will last, but not quite to this extent, i would like a little less dry skin. In the meantime I will continue to live by gels, creams and balms.

To celebrate the end of my treatment I decided to have a lovely cup of yogitea, this one is the womens balance with raspberry leaves, lemon verbena and lavendar.
Love me some tea with lavendar mmmh, hope You are all enjoying your Sunday!

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