Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Accutane Part 2

Hi guys! I promised you an update on how its going with Accutane, you can see the post about me starting on Accutane here. And it's going surprisingly well.

Make-up free (and a little dry) face :)

Results & experienced side effects
After 3 months I can really see results in my skin, it's smooth, I haven't had a pimple in 8 weeks now and basically the only thing that indicates that I had acne is a little scarring. I actually had problems with acne on my scalp and on my earlobes and those are totally gone too. But, now I can officially say that I'm experiencing side effects, dry eyes, dry nose, dry skin, dry lips and  muscle pain which started 2 weeks ago. But still to be honest It's not that bad, I don't really notice the dryness in my eyes besides when I wake up, I have to blink a couple of times to see clearly and the dryness in my nose has only been a problem when I'm sick which I've been a lot because of all mucous membranes gets dry and they are a big part of your immune system, especially in your nose and throat.

Severe dry skin!
Dry skin is kind of a problem because I'm having more eczema breakouts than I've ever had, especially on my face and hands. And it's hard to keep down even with hormone creams. I try to moisturize the worst places as many times a day as possible, and the rest of my body at least once a day. Which seems to work somewhat. My lips have also been a little hard to keep moisturized, and the weather is also working against me (but eos saves me again and again, read more about that here!) The last time I was at the dermatologist she said I could stop mid March, and I so look forward to that!
And I'm just hoping for lasting effects.

My next update will probably be after I have stopped the treatment, so you guys can see how my skin looks, and if the results last (cross your fingers guys).

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