Sunday, March 23, 2014

bareMinerals Original Mineral Foundation | Review

Hi readers! :)
I've have finally come around to testing the bareMinerals Foundation i bought a while back.
I put it on in the morning before going to school, and I've had it on all day and also during a party we had at school.

Coverage Blemishes/pimples/hyperpigmentation
It covers decently, but you can still see some of the blemishes and hyperpigmentation I have. But overall it evens out my skintone well.
Here's a shot of my face, half with bareMinerals on and half without, there's a significant difference.

Half and half
Full face of make-up

After 3 hours the foundation has set and it looks natural and smooth.

3 hours
After 8 hours of wear the foundation around my nose was pretty much melting off, since I have a very oily T-zone I've always had a problem with that area, so it doesn't supprise me, I fixed it with a little mineral veil and it was good to go.

8 hours
After 14 hours total (totally beat, went straight to bed after removing this!) the foundation held up pretty well, considering I danced a couple of hours too, in a very hot room!

14 hours
Of course my blemishes were more visible after a full day, but to me that's a natural thing after that many hours.

So all in all I recommend bareMinerals to everyone who wants a natural product with medium coverage that melts into the skin and looks like your own! I love the product and it's gonna be a staple in my make-up bag!

I hope this was useful to you guys!
What is your experience with mineral foundation?

Friday, March 21, 2014

Sushi In The Sky

I just want to share some pictures from the amazing time I had with the girls last wednesday evening Since it's the last time we're gonna be at school (EVER! :D) we had planned for at long time to go and eat at a nice restaurant in Copenhagen.
It was a long day of waiting, first lectures until 4 pm and then we had to wait even more because they didn't have a table sooner than 8.45 pm when we booked (obviosly a busy place!)
So when the waiting game was over (we tried to kill time at department stores and cafés), we were all excited to get the "party" started!
And where do girls start? In the bathroom taking pictures LOL!
We had virgin cocktails, yummy!

We orderd all kinds of things, Spicy Edamame Beans, Ebi Bites, Spicy Mayo, Crayfish In Ricepaper, Yummi Rolls, Ebi Panka Rolls & Chickens In Line

4 mini sampels of different desserts, let me just say you need to try the Matcha Icecream, it's a little piece of heaven.

Jasmine Silver Pearls tea - All you tea lovers out there should try this! It's amazing!

Amazing view from the balcony, with the warmer weather coming it would be great to sit out here!

Sticks|N| Sushi is definitly a recomendable place, high service, amazing location, cozy atmosphere and super sweet waiters.

P.S. when I paid the bill, I almost fainted - We definitly didnt hold back, not to say that the place it super expensive, you definitly get what you pay for.

Can you guys recommend any good restaurants? :)

Monday, March 17, 2014

Eurovision 2014

So I don't know if any of you follow the Eurovision song contest, but i thought I would share a song that's gonna compete in the contest and as some of you might know, I'm Armenian so  it can't surprise that it's the Armenian song.

I really like all the classical instruments in this song, it adds drama and supports the lyrics extremely well.
I can't wait to see this song live, it's one of the best one from Armenia in my opinion!

What country/song are you gonna support? :)

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Loves | Sard Kopenhagen

As you all know by now, I'm kind of a health freak, I like my food, skincare, clothes, home etc. to be as clean as possible. The fewer additives in skincare the better, so when I came across Sard Kopenhagens products you can imagine my enthusiasm!
I first got introduced to Sard by a friend, she told me about these clean oils that had a wide range of uses. And from then on I've been collecting quite a few products from their line oil and other products.

Right now I have:

Sweet Almond oil
Apricot Kernel oil
Argan oil (with/without fragrance)
Lip Balm
Facial Mist

Argan oil - With fragrance
I use this as a body lotion after the shower, because I have very dry skin and argan oil is very moisturizing and helps cell renewal. It actually absorbs really fast even tho it's an oil, so you don't feel sticky and greasy. And the smell is amazing, it's fresh and light!

Argan oil

I use this in my face routine, sometimes by itself and other times as a serum under my daily moisturizer. Argan oil is rich in vitamin E, it's got anti-aging properties and works as an antioxidant I'm in love with this, you can use it for everything, remove eye-make-up, daily moisturizer, serum and body lotion, this is my all time favorite.

Facial Mist

Facial mist is a really versatile product with a nice rose scent. It's both a toner and make-up remover, you can also use it to touch up your make-up through out the day. Even in the airplane with the dry air, you can use it to give moisture back to your skin.
Combined with any of their oils, it's an excellent eye-make-up remover and that's what i use it for mostly.
Even tho this product isn't as "clean" as i would like it to be, it's still one of my favorites.

Sweet Almond oil

The days where my skin needs a boost of moisture, I use almond oil on my body.
It's good as a massage oil as well, it you want you can add a few drops of essential oils for fragrance.

Apricot Kernel oil

This is probably the lightest of the oils, in my opinion, using this with the facial mist makes for a very good everyday makeup remover, eyes and all.  

Lip Balm

This lip balm smells good enough to eat! And since it's mostly all natural ingredients, it's almost edible too ;)
I wouldn't eat it tho, since it should stay on your lips to do good, it contains sheabutter and melts right into your lips. 

You can get these products in department-stores, clinics, hotel spas, pharmacies and of course

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Spring Soundtrack 2014

Good morning readers! :)
Just wanted to share this song with you guys "Happy" - by Pharrell Williams, and well yea this song makes me happy, it totally lifts my mood  along with the lovely weather we have had here the last couple of days.

Yesterday one of the girls and I decided to take a walk after school, to enjoy the weather, soak up some vitamin D and see the lovely nature around Hillerød, the sky was clear and the flowers were blooming.
Just a fresh spring day, getting your energy levels up! And since we don't have a lot of these kind of days in Scandinavia, it's all about grabbing the opportunity to see the sun. 

Beautiful Frederiksborg Castle and gardens

Monday, March 10, 2014

Spring, Sun & School

Pictures from this morning at school (Pharmakon)
Hello blog readers!
It's been a busy couple of weeks for me, with the engagement party, being ill and being stationed at a Swedish pharmacy for the past week - which was super insightful, all the differences and similarities really gives you food for thought. Now I am back at school for the last time (hopefully), so it's all about putting the last energy into passing my exams this summer.
Today when i woke up and saw these first fragile spring flowers my mood totally changed, i felt more awake and happier, and the sun outside definitely contributes to the good mood.
I hope the pictures can contribute to make your day better too :)

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