Sunday, August 31, 2014

I Survived!

At my current workplace we have a tradition of participating in the Femilet + Froes Womens Run in Vejle, since we are all female besides our boss. It's always so much fun, and they have super good catering! You pay a small fee to participate and for that you get water halfway during the run, and then at the at the end, when you cross the finishingline a bottle of water, a super delicious bun and a box of fruits and vegetable. And even if you don't come in as 1st ,2nd or 3rd you still have a chance of getting a little present home with you because they draw out running numbers that wins sponsor presents from different companies from around town.

The past 6 months I haven't done anything physical at all, so it's wasn't like I was prepared for this, as you can see in the picture im pretty done, but at least I ran 3 km straight, and then I had to take small walks in between running. At least I finished in 39 mins :) I'm proud of myself even tho the time was not good!
After the run the food was very much needed ;)

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