Monday, June 16, 2014

Tea Love

Goodmorning!! :)
So I have a straight out addiction to tea, I love tea and there's nothing a cup of tea can't help fix in my opinion! For as long as I remember we have been drinking tea everyday in my family, my dad would and still does drink a cup of tea every morning with his breakfast. I have most definitely inherited that habit, my mornings are not complete if I don't have a cup of tea (just like some of you coffee drinkers out there!). 

I think it would be somewhat scary to show you the selection of tea's there is at my parents house (because there is a lot, 2 shelves in one of the kitchen cabinets are devoted just to tea!) so I thought I would just show my three favorites at the moment, all organic, natural herb tea's, totally in the spirit of the hippie/organic person that I am :D

First one from the left is "Peppermint & Licorice", I especially like this one because the licorice really shines through and sweetens the tea while the peppermint makes it fresh (besides being a tea addict, I'm an "all things sweet" addict too, which means lot's of sugar in my teas but it's really nice not having to put sugar in this one).

The second one is "revitalise", this to me tastes like Christmas, cinnamon, cardamom and ginger... Christmas all year round. There's licorice in this one too and it sweetens the tea slightly.

Last but not least is "night time" and this tea is really amazing for evening time, it contains Valerian root, among other ingredients, but what's special about Valerian root is that in higher doses it's used in herbal medicine to help treat insomnia. I drink this mostly at night, it's light

As you can see they are all from the same brand, Pukka, and its totally a coincidence. It could have something to do with that where I live that's the easiest brand to find which is organic, and it's a great brand!

If anyone was doubting my Tea Love then they definitely don't anymore haha.. (who can write a post this long about tea?)

What is your favorite tea?

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