Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Basics | Jeans

I went shopping in my lunchbreak, the weather was soo lovely and I had time, since its my study-day. Of course it's raining now, since it's Denmark, you can never trust the weather!
Anyways... I was in some serious need of jeans, basic jeans, basic colors. For some reason I never buy just normal jeans with no detailing, so today it was jeans hunting day!
I found 3 pairs of jeans in H&M for 179 DKK each. Great deal, the only color I'm missing is grey for the fall.

But i can't go shopping and not look at other things you know. I saw this cute scarf on sale in Vero Moda and I mean 40 DKK come on, when will i ever get that deal again! After that i looked in Pieces and found some beautiful earrings. Couldn't resist.

So now NO SHOPPING allowed until after December, Ugh, Christmas presents are killing me really. I love getting presents you know, but when there's a time limit I get stressed! I really have to get started, but there's no time. Hopefully one day during the next few weeks I will get it done.
I really hope no one stresses like i do about this, it's on the verge of crazy hahaaha..
So no more rambeling from me, take care <3

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