Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Long Time No See

Me Being Silly :)
Sorry for being M.I.A. the past week but I've just been so busy! I've had meetings and courses after work a lot of days. For instance we got the brand Eucerin in our pharmacy and had an evening course yesterday to get to know the products. It was so nice to eat some good food, learn about the products and of course get a little present.. That's always the best part haha!
But during the weekend my sisters moved in with me, so we have been making room for their stuff and just hanging out, having fun and talking, which have been really nice. But on top of all that I have a BIG assignment, that counts as one of my final exams, and I have a deadline November 3rd. for the main goals of the assignment! Stress!! So sorry if I'm not updating so regularly, I will try to be better about it, if I can.

 Have an amazing Tuesday evening

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