Saturday, October 26, 2013

Birthday Suprise From My BF

Hello, how are you all doing?
I'm doing good, real good :D So the past 2 weeks have been amazing! As you know I spend my birthday with my BF. He had told me to pack shorts and bikinis, which doesn't go with the season...! So of course when I got there Wednesday afternoon I was really curious about what he had planned (my birthday was Thursday). We invited his parents over so we could all celebrate together, and it was really nice, his mom had baked a delicious cake for me and everything, which was super sweet of her. Plus they all had presents for me, I got everything I had wished for and more because when it came on my BF's present it was so much more than I expected, he was the last one to give me my present and what he gave me was a piece of paper with a bow on. When I opened the paper it was 2 plane tickets to Lisbon, Portugal! That was probably the most exciting birthday present I had ever gotten! Mini vacation for 5 days with the one I love, I couldn't ask for more.
But his surprises didn't stop there, what happened in those 5 days I really have to make a post by it self.  I'm overwhelmed and  so happy it's impossible to explain. I really wish for everyone to experience having moments like this, with loved ones, just being happy.

Wish You all a lovely weekend , I have work tomorrow and it's already way too late for me to be up!
Good night <3

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