Saturday, November 22, 2014

Mushroom Hunts and Good Memories

I'm spending some time at my family's house this weekend, I haven't been here since I moved end of September. I'm sitting here all cozied up on my parents couch, tea next to me and snuggled into a fluffy blanket I'm remembering when I was still working in Vejle, and living here.

The last week I was working in Vejle was a little bittersweet, because I was super excited to start something new and try having more responsibility, and for my colleagues not to look at me as the apprentice but as a equal colleague, not that they were intentionally making a difference, it's just hard changing your mindset after 3 years :) But on the other hand I was really sad to leave because it was really a good workplace, I had fantastic colleagues, a really great boss and I really felt comfortable there.

During my last week at my old workplace, I went to collect mushrooms with a couple of my colleagues, it was nice to spend some casual time with them before I left. It's definitely a day that will stay with me. It was such a lovely day with fresh air and lots of sun, enjoying each others company.

And of course we were not the only ones in the forest, beetles, frogs, birds and deer were around while we were collecting and  investigating mushrooms.

And our "catch" of the day, which tasted amazing btw. Can't wait until next year when it will be good mushroom weather again!


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