Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Elderflower Goodness | Recipe

The last couple of days the weather here in Malmö have been amazing, which makes me all giddy to get outside and be with nature, when I was child be would plant all sorts of fruit and vegetables and makes the most delicious food, desert and drinks of them and that has definitely stuck with me. I miss the feeling of planting, nurturing and seeing a garden come to life. Since we don't have a garden i make do with just making delicious foods and drink with everything that screams summer! And since the weather had been so good for a little while I knew that all the lovely elder-flower trees must have bloomed, which means it's time for elder-flower cordial. It's such a delicious treat, it tastes like summer, flowers and sunny warm days.

You'll need:

- 20 elder-flower screens
- 25 g citric acid powder
- 1-2 sliced lemons
- 750 g sugar
- 250 g brown sugar
- 1 L boiling water + enough to scald the container
- 1 tsp atamon + enough to rinse the container in (you can leave this out if you plan on using the whole batch within a week)
And some kind of container that will lock airtight.

Boil the water. While the water is boiling put the elder-flowers in a big bowl that you can fit a lid on, add all the other ingredients and then pour over the boiling water. Stir well and put the lid on, let it sit for 5 days, remember to stir once or twice everyday to make all the sugars melt. On the 5th day you are ready to bottle it up!
Start by sifting the cordial and then scalding the containers and then rinsing them with atamon. After that you can fill up the containers and you have a delicious summer drink. Dilute it with water after your taste, serve with ice cubes and sliced lemons. Enjoy!

One batch makes around 1,25 L/42 oz which you might think is an awkward amount but then you can bottle most of it and enjoy some at the same time !
I always double the batch since it doesn't last for long in this house ;)

Happy Summer!

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