Friday, April 3, 2015

Bachelorette Party?

Right now im sitting in the train going to jylland (main part of denmark). I just ate the biggest salad and now im full and happy (i tell you guys while im munchin on some cashew nuts)! Do you guys ever feel that way after eating? Like now everything is exactly as its supposed to be, theres nothing more you could ask for after a good meal (besides a nap maybe, i could really use one now haha!) Anyway i am going to jylland to visit my familiy, but more importantly im going there so i can participate in my bachelorrette party. 

Can i just say how fantastically happy i am to have such good and considerate friends! Even though i haven't seen half of them for more than a year if not two they chose to spend their time and energy on doing this to make me happy. Which i appreciate so much, i think... Because i actually have no clue what is going to happen, which is nervewrecking. But i cant wait anyway! Whatever they planned im sure we are gonna have lots of fun. So i want it to be saturday NOW! but i guess ill have to wait. 
Im hoping to post some pictures from the whole ordeal after the weekend. 

Enjoy your weekend, i sure am gonna enjoy mine

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