Monday, September 15, 2014

My Graduation Day

I finally pulled myself together and got the pictures from my graduation day, and they are so good. You can see that the atmosphere is good, everybody is happy and the sun is shining - we were super lucky with the weather, 30 minutes after we went inside it started raining.
Of course we were all excited to finish the education, but it was also an emotional day since we knew we were never gonna be at school, all of us together, again. We enjoyed the time together with good food.

I was actually wearing a very casual outfit, since all my clothes were in Malmö so the only thing that is actually mine in this outfit are the jeans, the top and the pumps are my sister's.

So happy to have finished the education and being able to move on and I can't wait for next week to pass so I can completely move to Malmö and spend some precious time with my fiancé!

Happy Monday everybody!

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