Monday, September 23, 2013

Relaxing Day + Weekend!

How are you guys? I'm great :D I've had a great time with great company the last couple of days, and of course I did a little shopping too!
 Thursday I went out to visit one of my closest girlfriends, known her forever. We went around town a little, looked at a couple of shops, and found this amazing deal:

They were 70 % off ,I really couldn't resist especially when I don't have any boots that color at all. We both bought a pair. So now I'm 100% fall ready - Um, except I still need a jacket haha!
After that we went to a little sushi restaurant and got some amazing sushi, yum, could eat some right now! But we had a cozy evening, it's so nice to catch up and just have some girl time.

Friday my BF came, so I was busy all weekend spending time with him 
I really hope you all had an amazing weekend, don't let Monday get you ;)


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